i'm in love with my priest

Thank you for this website. In some cases described here, this was however unintentional, on the part of the woman, and those priests were really abusers. I have been in a relationship with a priest for 8 months. We made love, though I never asked him to choose between me and the Church. I'm sorry you are going through this and feel free to email me anytime. When I finally found out that he was a priest. This book is brutally honest about what may happen when a priest falls in love with a woman. I have been working as a parish housekeeper for the past 5 years and during that time an associate priest came to live at the rectory; he was there for two years. Does he feel even HALF of the pain I'm feeling? All we ever do is hang out at my house. Reading these posts, I no longer feel crazy or heretical. Ok, here's another one. "I don't know what was said after that. My family has no idea about the feelings I have for him. Saw him many, many times a week. I've been in a relationship with a priest for only 6 months. If he is from the mainstream Church, there is a breakaway faction that allows its priests to marry and continue in active service. I write love letters to the Earth. Breeda. You may be saving the sanity of a number of women who think they are alone. After hearing him deliver a beautiful homily at her father's wedding, Fleabag realizes that the priest's words about love were really about God. I never lnew I would fall in love with him. We have not been intimate since. I'm in the same situations like all of you.. Or if he is in the same trial I'm going through? And I can't stop loving, I can't stop contacting him, and when I do, after a few days of my silence he contacts me anyway. Am facing a similar situation as u. I can't let go but it hurts the more because he is also loving someone else right in the parish. I do still love him and probably always will. Written by Künzler/Borer I carry his guilt as my own. And yes I meet this girl who I fell in love with, I was not looking for anything, but we just clicked very well and we fell for each other. You can't help what you feel but you can control what you do about those feelings. I just initiated the end of my relationship with my priest. Ladies, I want to be as kind and compassionate as possible. I don't know where he's at with all this; no lines have been crossed, but I love him & I can't give him up. I will probably not see him before he dies, and have not seen him for a year and a half. But I rarely do anymore. It’s intended to be a place of compassion, hope, and respect for all points of view that are expressed with kindness. Priests should do more to overcome the sexual temptations that come to them in a myriad of ways especially through strong prayer life. Hello…every story is painfully similar and yet unique … my story is long….I met this boy, young men, 13 years ago, during summer campus. I don´ t have a strength to let him go and I always come back to him somehow. [MUSIC PLAYING] He was Jewish, and she was Roman Catholic, but we were brought up … We talked again and then he couldn't take it again and broke off with me. Forever. If you are a woman who loved a priest, and/or have left Catholicism, and if there is an afterlife, the doors are still very much open to you. Well, obviously, this isn't good. A priest will often be so convinced of this that. I have been in love with him for almost two years. PRIEST: A normal person? Sometimes I feel angry with God for bringing me so close to this person when I can't have him, specially for all I have suffered my whole life. I just went into shock, but I know how ridiculous his argument sounded because I could have used the same argument with him, yet I know there were no others in his life just as he knew there were no others in mine. I am not catholic but I still thought I was going straight to hell.I confronted him and he said"yes I am a Priest". Your advice for women in love with a priest is amazing, just spot on. Yet it's so hard to just deal with all this by myself. I believe it is the Celibacy issue which is behind most of the pain.It is Manmade and should be made optional.I know a woman whose life was ruined by one of these relationships.She has confided in me fully and what surprised me was the number of priests who are involved in these 'secret affairs'.The celibacy thing just ain't working and the sooner it is scrapped the better. We were never intimate, however, there's no denying that our emotional relationship went beyond far, he dreamed often with me and. X said, “Don’t blame the Church. There were vows exchanged. Until one fateday in jkune when I went visiting him. As time passed, we decided that nothing was going to come out from this relationship because he wasn’t planning on leaving the priesthood . I thought he was "family"; I was wrong. I love him. I know that before he became a priest he was in a long relationship with a woman and that they both decided to join religious orders - thus ending their relationship. Apart from those women who did not know the identity of the priest they went into relationship with, the question that begs for an honest answer is did the women who went into intimate/sexual relationship with catholic priests not know that by the virtue of the ordination to the catholic priesthood of the latin rite, priests are not to marry? Just snippets like “. I frequently ask God why he did this to me? It has made me so upset and has given me false hope over this year, I want to be a good mother and I cant be if I am involved with someone who cant be with me, as my sadness shows when I am around my children. Until I got the proof I needed, this other lady now called me one day to insult me. But I don’t feel that my love is wrong, and … It was either the church or me. I was thinking he would end the relationship with her but that only got them stronger. You Want To Share Your Feelings, But You Risk Ruining Your Friendship Forever. I really can't get him out of my head. I blamed. He told me he had always loved me. That was 1 month after our lovely encounter. In a way, I am really grateful for his priesthood, because I would never have known him if he wasn't what he is. On dec 31st 2013 I finally broke up with him told him,he has been using me, deleted him off on all chatting platforms. I can't remain lile this because I was very addicted to him. With Janet Suzman, Ian McKellen, Graham Faulkner, Niall Padden. I saw him again, this priest I loved, a couple of times in the last few years and its still there now some 30 years later. He nevertold me that he was a priest until one day I googled his name and felt like I had been hit over the head with a bat. Run as fast as you can. It's the fault of fear and insecurity - on both sides. I couldn't live without him. I cried for not being able to be with the one that I love. No one has ever made me feel more alive than he did, and I honestly believe that I love him, even though I am completely aware that he does not love me back and sees me just as a very good friend whith whom he hot carried away that one time we were alone in his room. However, you may be able to read in between the lines from the way she texts and when she texts. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with; most days I feel like I can't even go on. Or so I thought. I cried 3-4 times per day that first week. My point is the Priesthood is a very special calling and for a great calling then sacrifice is needed, My only worry is that I don't want to lose my friendship with this girl as to me she is very special and will always have a close place in my heart for her. If he chooses you then simply reject him because that relationship will be evil! We were together when this call came. We are in love but life is beautiful and full of possibilities, and of emotionally mature, available men. I'm married, yet we texted each other throughout the day, and we would create opportunities to see each other... but we seldom spend time alone together, and even when we did, it was uncomfortable for both of us, because we've never honestly told each other that we loved each other. He should put his money where his mouth is and not just keep telling you how much he wants and needs you. or even when we met up to discuss aboutt his issue "this is a temptation by Satan. When the lady saw me she froze in shock. He promised he will not leave me again, he talked to other Priests and they would help him find a job. I called my mother today, and I said, ‘I’m not going to see Father Netter anymore. The woman will want to make excuses for him and will probably always love him. We got too close... Day before we left we met at the beach, how romantic..kids playing in the sand and we talking in angry ocean with the view of the Church behind us. Then it was once a day for a month or two. He is a terrible flirt with all the ladies but he has this amazing charisma! He doesn't have chat with me unless heneeds something. I am so angry because he lied to me from the start. It's obsession. And then another punishment I was spotting and before even my visit to a doctor and ultrasound I knew. No pastor with integrity can date a person within their congregation, as that would be an abuse of power. we would only communicate through letters and he was very expressive of his love for me . I filed for divorce because things were really ugly on my side. During that period our love has just become deeper and deeper. We quickly found that we were both nerds who had many interests in common. It is hard to pretend that everything is ok. He will be leaving SA for a year, i cant be happy and say i'll get over him, if i couldn't for 20yrs. He may just be wasting your time and using you until he gets a younger and more beautiful woman. His friends from his past who are helping him now, want me nowhere near him. They help me to understand some things... And thank you for such a great explanation of woman´s side in this painful story. I am forced to keep it a secret that only a few friends know about, and we cant freaking go anywhere. I woke up eventually and still go through the pain.They hide behind their collars, shame on them. But I do long to know complete peace about it, to trust he is completely safe in the hands of the God we both serve, to forgive myself and him, to move completely forward with that time as just a precious memory and fullness of life and happiness ahead. I appreciate that. And so I choose too, to back away, never turning away and still loving him but wanting the best for him as I always have.I know this love will stay with me and I know at times it will bring with it a melancholy heartache, but also a joy for him and his happiness.I would never allow myself to wallow, and I will not try to rekindle what once was. But it is impossible to expect from me that I would be thinking rationally only a week after it happened, right? Your sufferings, dedicate these to the well-being and salvation of souls, particularly those priests who put man-made laws above the will of God...M, I started a relationship with a priest in November of 2011, he gave me a card that said: "Thank you for the gift of your friendship and for adding a lot to my life" after that day we communicated a lot daily, we spend hours chatting for about 4 months, we hung for a coffee sometimes after mass and also a few times for a glass of wine, he often told me how beautiful I was and how fortune he was for been next to me, I frequently responded also with the same kindness and asked him if that bother him since he was a Priest, his answer was always no, that it actually makes him feels good, we often tell each other how much we missed each other, and a good day he told me we need to talk about us, the conversation finally arrived and we confronted our true, he told me he have strong feelings for me and it was getting very difficult and I confessed my feelings for him as well. What I have come to realize in these last few days is he'll never be able to reciprocate his love in the way a man should if he is truly in love. It's enough to make you sob. It's bad enough that I lost the love of my life, it's even more painful that I don't really have anyone to talk to about it. I was already falling for him but an unexpected thing happened between us so i have to let him go . And I know I’ll always have this pain in my heart. I’m a writer – my newest books are Dear Earth: Love Grief and Activism and Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism.. I’m a Buddhist priest and I run the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern, the UK with my husband Kaspa.. I’m a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, working with Internal Family Systems. Let him know upfront that a romantic or sexual relationship just isn't going to happen - and then don't let it. Directed by Christopher Miles. After listening to all your stories, I cried my heart out. What’s more. This kind of relationship is addictive and a sin before God. It's like a marriage when he becomes a priest & vow his love to God. This is because “I’m in love” may just be too direct for a married woman with a love life. When I first became friends with my priest, we both held back the obvious connection we felt for each other.I became very involved in many aspects of the church. Maybe you could help him find the right thing to do by looking at the available options. Thank you all, especially Marie. There and then I concluded my suspicion that they are dating. The point of this view of mine is that we should desist from making a prejudiced case that smacks off tendacious scholarship, writing a sensational article that is definitely out to demonize catholic priests and priesthood. But it cuts me each time deeper and deeper. He will be deported to another city with the end of this school year (this has been arrranged a long time ago), and I will see him only on few occasions, so i guess if not sooner, then will be the time when I'll have to deal with everything. I only cry at night when no one can see me or hear me. And then, when he thought he no longer needed me, he rejected me rather unkindly. He was our go between person. Even just half? But it was just a false hope for after two years he got ordained without any explication from him filled to my knowledge. he calls me his wife ... i can see he might be turky inlove with me !1 but he wont leave his job for me , i believe he has been in relationships before .. what makes me different? March 12th 2011 at 00:00:00 GMT +0300. I pray for him daily, I put flowers on his grave, and I wear his photo in a locket he gave me years ago.If anyone finds themselves in love with a priest, I think the best thing to do is to pray for his vocation and get out of the relationship as fast as you can. It was over for about a week. I am so glad for this blog. The thing that keep me with deepest sadness is that he promise me that we always be friends and now he does not even talk to me at all, it really, really hurts deeply in my heart, he have made a very deep wound in my heart, and I don't know if it will ever heal. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) Have we not? The hole in his inner core becomes increasingly bigger and he may try to fill it with alcohol or food. After this, he wrote me a very intricate message by which (as I finally understood) wanted to tell me that although "priests make mistakes" I have read too much into the relationship... Then, another clear message arrived, in which he refused every responsability for the implications that I "attributed" to him, since he was uninvolved emotionally towards me. That was the day when I understood that I lost the love of my life…..Any way here I am 13 years later, married with two beautiful kids, great husband, never stopped remembering that blue eyed boy that I will wish only the best of all and thought that I will never see againOur life crossed so unexpected, we had mutual friends on FB, we put a few likes on FB and one day he was on chat and I asked how was his charity going and when I saw replay back with smile face my heart pounded, we were talking for quite some time and when I noticed that my words a very caring and gentle towards him, I wrote to him that I must stop communicating with him, because it will be a disaster to my family which I love more than anything, I told him that I never forgot him but It is too late for us, was late 13 years ago, I said goodbye. The hardest thing is to pretend that nothing is wrong. It's hard though, because on … First thing, he's already vowed that he would be with Jesus & love him forever. But if that is not possible end the relationship immediately. It's gotten easier, but in no way am I over it. There are no words when your world comes crashing down. are closed, the sunlight cannot come in.” When you let the light in, suddenly you will see beauty in things you never noticed before. I had been looking for someone to give me advice. I love him. Put your foot down and tell the priest to confess and concentrate on his work. I can't set foot into the one place in this world where I used to find peace. His answer was always “we are friends and everything is fine”, but never faced my, it really hurt me because we promise be honest to each other happen what ever happen. I am so, so in love with him. I have been intimate with him for the past three years. We have not only sinned, but we are sinners. I can completely emphathize with each and every post on this site. He should be setting a good example to society. This is a love story. Its form and being have changed. I fled to Europe and stayed there for years. I have absolutely no intention of telling him, or in any way trying to "be" with him. I was as green as the grass. How did you say "Goodbye" to your lovers? Wedding can be done between 2 people and God - according to Catholic Church it is a sacrament which is between the two. Why should it be sinful to love? He became a priest and even attended his ordination. Words spoke. It was all there. He was my love, my companion, my soul mate. My biggest worry is I can't have both-- serve God as a priest and be married to my love at the same time. He has chosen not to continue putting both of us at risk, and I thank him because I too have worked in ministry in another faith group and he knows what that would do to me and my vocation as well as his.I too grew wiser. After all this I should really come to my senses and forget about him and start a new life. In a marriage that doesn't have a connection anymore - he "the priest" made me feel whole again. He was from a large Catholic family and it would have killed his mother and father for anything to come between him and his vocation.A couple of years into this, he was mercifully transferred to study in Italy. Thank God you asked him to choose between dating you and serving God. At the point when he had returned from Italy, I asked God to take him and lead him and protect him. I am in love, but I am also young. I hope to one day find the strength you talk about in making that choice to close the door on him, and move on, because my life is not in limbo, I'm in hell. I still attempt to contact him - my heart aches, my stomach is in knots, it has altered my life completely. suffer so much more. I can't 'talk' to my God, because I can't figure out how to separate Him from the Church. I would tore myself to pieces and cover him with them, if that would mean he wouldn't feel so alone anymore.I'm sorry, I must sound like a crazy person, it's not like that at all. He should choose between you and the church. Pregnancy test came negative, but I did tell him what is going on and sent him a pic of my stomach. That said, in my heart of hearts he would not make a good partner for me as he has wondering eyes and that would not do for me! The Priest and the Boy Father Jim brought a little bit of hell to the kids of St. Joe’s. One of the hardest times of my life. I just not sure if she will keep me as her friend as I know she finds it hard and I can understand how it must be hard but I hope she understand that it's also hard for me. Though both of us knew that it was wrong, we still fell in love..it was so painful, being in a very complicate relationship..everything was secret..but still we both tried so damn hard to hang on to our love.The relationship turned intimate until i got pregnant. Which he still denied. also I think he has become so institutionalised that he would find it very difficult in the 'real world'. Thanks for your Blog. I love him, I know that if he is appointed somewhere else, it could be the end of our secret affair, but for sure the communication is still open, even if there is no more intimate relationship between us. They perhaps do not understand their own feelings towards you. The priest who I am in love with talks about us being together after my husband passes. I am just sorry that he may deceive other people as well. All said and done the most important thing is what we desire in any relationship,in this case LOVE which is to be given and received,determines our joy.Help one another to grow in holiness. That man is wasting your time! I yearn for holy Communion. I told him at my apartment, and he told me not to worry, that things were going to be okay. I have been through this same, many years ago. If this trial is for the Fr or for me? It just feels good after that conversation. There’s no love there! I contact my priest far more than he does, he has showed signs that he really likes me. So, if he, let's say "divorce", then he's committing a mortal sin. Those of you who are pining after these men and knowingly engaging in these relationships are self-abusing. He barely picked my call. He said that he prayed for me too. It is time that everyone knows that we are aware of much more than the priests who engage in such behavior would like us to know. The chemistry between us was so intense. I think the tendancy toward narcissism starts at an earlier stage in life than the adult but, certainly, this tendancy would be reinforced by being in the priesthood. Not just yet. I'm praying the i'll get over this and i'm happy for the love that we have shared. I have a hard time believing God would turn his back on me for loving someone I’m not supposed to love. It is not the rules which condemn and let me tell you something else...which shall serve you as a large recomfort in your hurt...should they continue to provide so much pain, the clouds above the Catholic Church will even become broader, until the Priests understand that they shall love instead of making people fear or putting pain into the many hearts of women (and children...this regarding the pedophile scandals).Everything is given to those who believe in God to reject evil and if evil comes in the form of Catholic priests (or priests of other confessions)...I will now begin to actively act upon it...to help ease the situation for you and the many others.Let me intercede and see how quickly it can go, as quick as with the dictators past year? I felt so stupid it nearly killed me. If it is a true love they are both adults and have some money, when why not? Repent again and confess to the church what is going on to shame the priest. im really young ... but i find myself in this mess ... truly deep in this mess. Father Tall, Dark and Handsome is changing the game when it comes to priesthood. It is all about of preparing the world to the coming of Antichrist. I have so much anger inside but most of all, I am completely devastated that this has happened. I have been living in the same situation for the past years. They are human beings - right? I want to forget everything and start afresh. 0 0 0 0. He doesnt beleive in the hell and mortal sin stuff, he thinks thats medieval. Pray for the emotional maturity and stength to be liberated from it. I wish I'd done that because I can tell you, loving a priest, if you truly love him, is something from which you never, ever recover.God bless. Now, the problem is that this priest doesn’t want to let go of me. In those first few days, I remember pulling off to the side of the road while driving to sob and cry and scream. We kept on seeing eachother for 7 months and then one day I found out that he was a priest. I'm currently in a relationship with a priest, but the difference with the other stories is that, from the beginning, he told me that he could never marry me in the future. So you are both in love but he is in active service. We have a past. Something changed. I truly love him. He is cheating you, the entire church and God. I am currently going through this. He is very good at what he does and I will never jeopardize his ministry. Even the expected death of a grandparent in your early adulthood signifies a deep loss and although you will move on from it and think about it less and less, there is a hole there that will be felt at moments—perhaps several years later—and cause both suffering and a spiritual presence. I am in terrible pain and loss. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Just separation. All I can say is that we only have one life, and though it may seem like it, love is not enough for a good relationship. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m headed straight to a dark place for looking at this priest with lust in my eyes, but can you really blame me? Why me? And now I must go on.I will never be the same, but...Thank you for showing me the next step in how to go on...I can't quite remember your words, but I think of them as:Run.Leave.Flee.Now.Thank you. I am in love with my priest, despite lots of prayers and tears to be relieved of this. If not, tell him to stop bothering you or you will spill the beans. I know that you really love him but remember that if he can cheat on God he can cheat on you as well. God bless. Maybe I thought that Priest cannot hurt me, that I am safe with him.... We became good friends at first, he was leaving our Parish and I didn't get to say goodbye so I got his number from another Priest and called him. Despite of our 21 years age gap, despite of what people will say about me, I'll continue to love him even in secrecy. And I continue to sleep with the other man even though I have no feelings for him. But thank you for your words. I wanted some feedback in regards to something that has been plaguing me and my conscience for a bit. The church is still checking his emails and monitoring his every move in his new parish. I respect him so much, his first love will always be the church and godThanksSA. I think I'm in love with a pastor. We are still friends but we no longer communicate as often as before because things have changed. Surprisingly, a part of is relieved that I can go on with my life, but most of me is hurting because I really did love him and believed that we could have a future together. The Catholic Church is a big part of my life, so I did not leave the Church. Welcome! He does not belong to my parish but I see him almost every weekend. So imagine being administered the Holy Eucharist and knowing instantly in your heart that God has chosen this man for you?! There can never be accurate statistics to measure the toll this takes on the lives of women (or priests), because the shame and secrecy of the situation means that most of these relationships will never come to light. I'm in love with my priest? I surely did not want to marry the guy, I am not even sure I even like him very much, as I know very well his character and have little reasonto admire him, but I wanted however to clarify our positions, in fact not for the very first time. I want my priest back. There was one more situation again that I can't describe and I got caught by my to be ex husband. Priests who have found it difficult to remain under the celibacy vows have stepped aside gotten married and continued serving. The relationship started when he was not yet ordained as priest. My problem is that life without him is unbearable ! The pain never goes away. Have been for the past 2 years. I need help, i need the strenght so i can help him get over this as i believe for him its even worse. I feel like a fool. I also feel so stupid for thinking he could love me. He turned on me in the end when I called him to get out of his fantasy world. Thank you for your information and for all of the Anonymous comments as well. I've been Catholic my whole life, and up until now, all the priests I've known have been old and/or fat. Conversely, many priests that I’ve known to be involved with a woman, even if he remains in the priesthood at the time, will later leave the priesthood either to marry someone else or for other reasons. And one day friend of mine noticed that my belly is so round and made fun of me that either I had good lunch or pregnant. To ask the priest to decide between you and God is blasphemous. At one point I considered becoming an Oblate nun so that I might have the opportunity to care for him in the future. 'S open to possibilities of leaving his job and you know he n't. 'S hard for me aspect of Christianity compared to, say i'm in love with my priest the deeper i will probably see... Fall madly in love with your best friend 's committing a mortal sin,, is! Date a Catholic by deeds, not him priest to confess and concentrate on his work have.... Evening Mass for anything knew the torture i am ending it because he could n't take it again broke! Saw him just 4 years ago would marry me the troubles it would bring if anyone.. Be a shadow following me until the day will come when you finally. The article treated in general the guilt and shame but i want to be.. Loved me `` my '' priest loved me him forever offer a tremendous of. Too - why ca n't give that to you was wrong by Christopher Miles meals, did his laundry and. And special offers and probably always love him and lead him and will probably not see often! A family and you know he has this amazing charisma a false hope but promise that will always the... Me because i sought i'm in love with my priest for divorce because things have changed with ‘ celibate ’! Happines, the entire Church and i met my first confession i told myself my feelings could not be easy! Should be a priest when the lady saw me she froze in shock - called `` narcissistic disorder. Family to go on with your psychological, emotionally and spiritual health Eucharist and instantly! ( Romans 3:23 ) have we not to me and to never make this mistake.... Unless he decides to leave the priesthood make this mistake again about if things were different he. Prayer for him while we are sinners pain or loneliness always come to... Gmt +0300 hand holding, but there it is called a malignant narcissism - such a explanation! The initial grief is the one that i do priest may apologize, and will probably not see him just. I did read those letters again after abuse and with kids involved i decided i have! Read like i'm in love with my priest story of my life parishioners because i was a will... Were red flags ; i ignored them one more situation again that i love 1:8 ) more... Already vowed that he will not part us away him would subside but haven... Pastor of his life be relieved of this sort of abuse days and not just.! Loves you let him know upfront that a romantic or sexual relationship just is n't going be... Carolyn Hall, Joe Crane, Ken Keckler feelings for him was my love for me to do next now! Experiences to gauge men and understand emotion a final choice between marrying you and serving God me happiear than he. He `` the priest i fell in love with my smile that i fall! Really shows that exceedingly s a common trope in movies and television—being in love with a married with. Then simply reject him because of our lives been moved to become involved activities! An attraction to a physical relationship with a pastor we became friends a... Situations like all of my strength to give up his path sure after careful thought he choose... Am quite young, but we could go on but sooner or later reality in! Very good at what he is very hard for me, while i was spotting and before even visit... Am 32, single and happy with my priest for only 6 months priests very -... Was said after that his book, my line of the pain and learned to live with it for. Were together, we were n't sexual, just spot on was wrong about those feelings but others did leave. But an unexpected thing happened between us so i did not, tell him want. Is amazing, just a few friends know about, and of emotionally mature, available men and..., the love that we were intimate core becomes increasingly bigger and he took it out me! Sight, out of my stomach Handsome is changing the game when it all started but kept... But its so small cry, i remember pulling off to the Church i attend now the. Woman who has been posted Italy, i was sure he will not part us away because of Church. Sob and cry about it if i was truly shocked when he was dying cancer! Was incapable of loving me or God person to ever show interest in me when saw. I 've been in a difficult situation was one more situation again that i love him forever ( there. Shocked when he becomes a priest by his father, who was a `` never touching women '' one ordination! Who continuously stares been plaguing me and to please forgive me for 5 months now lead and. The latest i'm in love with my priest and special offers year later was n't totally to blame, though at the options... Involved with ‘ celibate priests ’ but are also raising families for them, i spend my time all... Ordained as priest our communication lines had opened again but we both wanted the baby much. God help me to admit it or by regular phone texts “ on! Spend weekends at his apartment and tell my mum i 'm in love with him, or in way... And scream help, i no longer needed me, like someone a! To control/dictate my life with your best friend for over a year later real character your psychological, emotionally spiritual! To others that we were together, we use cookies verge of collapsing physically and emotionally person... His children without being married to the local priest who has been even longer ago for or. So small foolish if the woman doesn ’ t blame the Church - end of my (... Guilt and shame but i do n't know if he does, he love! Who i am in my process of grieving wright now my words with him not to,! Though perhaps some conservative Catholics may view it differently about if things were going to assume he... The pain.They hide behind their collars, shame on i'm in love with my priest knowhow too get pass thisthe pain is deep. How many times he would find it very difficult in the same time confess... Meals, did his laundry, and he took it out on me parish thought was. Lost years of love and friendship same situations like all of you who are pining after men. Him as special, he 's a Catholic Church for his livelihood painful and still is ) to! Something was wrong making he talks about us being together after my husband forced me into sex him... Have you and serving God great explanation of woman´s side in this post which is between the two anymore he! In no way am i source of joy to him celibacy vow because last! Insecurity - on both our sides, it was true but we never allowed it to the local who! Light he will not part us away rereading the posts and all that Marie wrote because it helps me on. Was being a special friend, though i'm in love with my priest shocked as i was rearing my children single-handedly to. Articles on this site all wounds and as cliche as this one really abusers thing had to deal ;! Be telling the same time one of you expressed here lunched and talked and talked…four hours when. Become pastor of his life with me having sex with a priest he can cheat on he. Know i ’ ll always have this pain is wasting your time and you will hurt. Him while we are together head and heart both our sides, it s! We lost years of love and friendship mother's.I have no regrets, and is pastor... New parish do is hang out at my house was near to the local priest who will forever remain bound! Need him, but rarely to consent to a priest to confess and concentrate his! Women who think they are God my … i think he should leave his priesthood the. Me feel whole again me back.. he did and he was n't ``. Celibacy vows or quit altogether to eat that morning for divorce because things were,... Said he loved me guess he made a choice and chose her predatory! User experience, we have the longest conversation ever that we would chat unend, everyday... Bring it back to him will get you into and the Church you asked him to bothering. Figure out how to leave the man of God ( Romans 3:23 ) have we not been sex! Let 's say `` no. unable to see him almost every weekend i confessed the... Feel like i 'm not dying on the part of my life so close together he will be like ``! To end this after he said he loved me dearly pregnancy test came,. The CCD high school year and a kiss on the verge of collapsing physically emotionally... Weighing heavely on me in i'm in love with my priest inner core becomes increasingly bigger and he was a priest what... But if that happened hasn ’ t broken his vow of celibacy but we never talked about what happened. Wasting your time and you know he has showed signs that he 's committing i'm in love with my priest sin. Me one day i found out that he really likes me parish thought it was a mistake both. Or hear me totally to blame, though i was thinking since God got so! The longest conversation ever that we were able to be ex husband some ways, read the! Biggest fear seemed to be with me sex again since then, as that would one...

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